Cross compiling beyond building a image


i currently try to set up a cross development environment on linux to build Haiku/BeOS Applications. I’ve read the Articles concerning on how to get the latest sources from SVN, build Jam and bootstrap the compiler to target haiku - that’s no problem at all and works relativley flawless. So does building targets with Jam (like haiku-image, …)

But: Now that i have the cross compiler, how to compile a simple application on linux using the cross compiler? When i try to compile a simple application like the obligatory “Hello, World” there are a few issues:

(Please note that i am not a GCC Guru - just used the installed, native compilers until now)

1.) The compiler does not find the necessary header files from the standard c++ libs - you have to supply them by hand using the -I switch or set the CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH variable to the corresponding directory. Is this something i can configure in some configuration file?

2.) The linker complains that he’s missing crti.o and some other bootstrapping objects. They are there somewhere deep inside the “generated/” folder - you have to copy them to the directories where ld looks for them (found out the correct path’s via strace)

3.) When linking the and there are a huge amount of missing references -> That’s where i stuck at the moment.

So, would it be possible that someone explains (or eventually writes a nice tutorial) on how to get a simple Haiku Application (like let’s say “Pulse”) to compile on linux and run on haiku?


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