Creating a symbolic link

I downloaded one of the latest nightly (rev 47665). This is the first time since alpha 4 I have used Haiku. I am trying to create a link for Web Positive on my desktop. But, no matter what I do I can’t create a link, I can’t copy, move…nothing. So, how do I put a link to start Web Positive onto my desktop now? I used to just create a link on the desktop by right clicking and going through the context menu.


I saw this happening but I thought it was just me. You might want to file a bug report.

I think this is already being tracked here

According to the ticket referred to above, you can still do things the hard way, so open Terminal and type

ln -s /boot/system/apps/WebPositive /boot/home/Desktop

I’m not on my Haiku box ATM so you may need to double-check those pathnames. The easiest way to get them right is to locate them with Tracker and drag them into Terminal. Just watch the space in between.