Covergen: online CD/DVD cover generator script

This is a simple PHP script that uses FPDF to make CD and DVD covers on A4/Letter sheets (at the moment).

It’s not yet finished (of course), btw basic functions such as background resizing/positioning and cut&bend lines drawings works.

Check it out:

<a href=>

Parameters explaination:

  1. pagina - means the sheet type (A4 or Letter);
  2. copertina - means the cover type (CD or DVD);
  3. remoto - is the absolute path of the image you wanna use;

Note that the script is still in alpha stage, so many functions are not yet implemented (different images for front and rear sides) or will change.

Feedbacks are - of course - welcomed.

Last but not least, the script is CC BY-NC-SA licensed, so source code is available, if you need.

Hope that helps, or at least inspires !