Couple of questions about preserving settings

Hi all,

I just installed Haiku natively on my Thinkpad T60 from Ubuntu and it worked great. Many thanks for the authors of the excellent walk-throughs on this site.

Although it boots fine I have a couple of problems I thought I’d post here before doing further digging and (if necessary) putting in bug reports.

  1. When I switch the resolution from the default 800x600 to my T60’s native 1650x1080 it says that since my videocard isn’t supported the setting will be applied on the next boot. That’s fine, except that they aren’t - I’m back to 800x600. Is VESA not capable of running that mode, or could something else be amiss?

  2. When I use the network preflet to switch from DHCP to static config and enter my DNS info, it doesn’t remember the mode - at the next boot I’m back to DHCP. The info I entered is still there, though greyed out. I might be mistaken, but there’s no /etc/resolv.conf either.

Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,