Contributors Needed!

Haiku needs documentation. There is an unofficial attempt at creating end-user documentation:

We also need development tutorials (introductions, but also about driver writing, etc.). Maybe there exist free tutorials on the net that we can reuse (and make better)? Please make sure that you don’t use copyrighted/commerical material.

Our wiki is here:

The suggested layout for our new website is on this page:
We need more content, but it must be very short and quickly get to the point. Less words = better.

The Website team has a mailing list here:

Before you make significant changes or start your own project please talk about this with us!

Waldemar Kornewald

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I am happy to give a hand with wikis or similar web work,
but his kind of posts should be either updated or archived.

It was archived in the cold depths of the forum until you exhumed it after 14 peaceful years. :slight_smile:


:-))) true, but I could not be helped, as I looked for wiki