Contract Updates?

Haven’t been any updates on the two ongoing contracts since June 11th. Would love to see an update.


I would suspect there would be an update when a major milestone was reached. I do not know what that milestone may be, so I can’t say how far along things are. However, I also think an update is needed at this point, since we are almost half-way through this contract.

I suppose if you want more up-to-date information on how the work is progressing you can always check here-> and here->

Let the good times roll!

Last week, Ingo mentioned to me that they are expecting a huge milestone this week. They have been waiting for that to post the news. I don’t want to spoil it, but looking at the commits, one could get an idea :slight_smile:

I don’t want to click on the links and spoil it for myself, so I’ll just have to wait. I’m definitely excited to see what progress has been made in these past 2 months though!