Connect to WINDOWS Network

How can I connect to our WINDOWS LAN ?
I can’t find any application on HAIKU.
But Internet connect is OK for me.
I can enjoy with any website.
But I don’t know how to do on my local area network.

I can only get you started. You need to search for SAMBA, SMB, CIFS on this site and mailing lists ( General & Development ).

I do not believe Haiku has any of these yet so no network Windows shares. These were available for BeOS. You may find 2 or 3 of them on Haikuware but these may just be GUIs or may not work.

Hopefully someone else can give you more help.

Does anyone know where CIFS support stands now for Haiku?

It looks like there was a Google Summer of Code project to develop support last year, but when I search for information the last update I find is from July 2009 saying that it’s far from finished.