Congratulations to All: Position 13

Congratulations to everyone involved in the TeamHaiku Seventeen or Bust assault.

We’ve now surged ahead to position number 13 in the Total Production stakes, just ahead of

And now it’s onwards to position 12 - DarksideDC who seem to have stopped production completely.

Simon Kennedy aka stonewolf

Congrats all!

I went ahead and posted this news on also :slight_smile:

This position is under threat atm !

It is?

If you’re talking about - I’m guessing it’s probably just a false alarm :wink:

If we lose 13th again, I’ll help regain it - as you can see a few of us are almost entirely out of SoB now - working on a bunch of other projects and get our fingers into everything we can. Honestly, all the SoB contributors we have are doing an excellent job! That’s one of the reasons I started to branch out a bit.

I’ll come back to fight for SoB if I have to!

Hmm, yes: I must have subconsciously added DarksideDC’s revival to arrive at that notion of threat…

At the moment, we’re not gonna take slot 12 for quite some time unless we get some more computing power into the game. We’re going pretty steady with Darkside DC who has a small upper hand on us. However, in a longer run, TSC Russia will fall against us. That, however, will take several months.

Team Haiku are luckily doing some great strides all over the place in other projects as well, even though SoB is indeed where we show off. There are many ways to contribute to SoB AND other projects without really punishing the CPU. Dimes is an excellent example of this. For more info about that

Look forward to see you join up with Team Haiku on other projects =)