Confused on what computers can run Haiku

I posted before about computer hardware list and although that helps, I am still confused on what computers can run Haiku. Is it a crap-shoot or are their general guidelines of what type of system can run Haiku.

For example… I am a Mac user and happen to also have a BeBox. Fun… But, I want to use Haiku one day and may make my own i7 based PC. Not to run Windows or Linux but strictly, Haiku. I am just afraid if I buy the typical i7 based motherboard and CPU and make a nice system, it will not run Haiku at all. I don’t want some old and slow system either so really want to build a fast Intel based i7 system if I end up buying my first non Mac PC.

So, is their a general guideline list of CPUs and basics to stick to for Haiku based system?


As a guideline, i have the following rig running Haiku perfectly:

Intel Core2Duo E8600 3GHz
AsRock 4Core-1600 D800 (Intel onboard graphics accelerated by the Intel Extreme Haiku driver)
2 x 1GB Kingston ValueRAM
WD 750GB Caviar Black triple booting Haiku, Windows XP and ZevenOS

In all honesty, Haiku doesn’t even use 10% of the juice this machine can supply most of the time. I doubt a Core i7 rig would even be worth it if you plan to use Haiku…

Hope that helps