Configure Samba on Haiku for Windows 10


I try to configure Samba on Haiku for sharing a printer installed on this OS. I try to access to Samba server by Windows 10 but I have troubles to do this if someone have some experiances about Samba on Haiku for the same kind of task it’s welcome for tips.

I have already configured Samba but maybe misses some lines…don’t know.I saw a lot of trouble about Samba and theWindows 10 update also. Samba on Haiku seem to be the version 3.

Haiku have a Firewall inside his system? The connection to SMB port seem not possible with Samba enable.

Windows return me a message in the diagnostic…Something that seem block the communication by SMB port on the server.
(I use a bridged connection on my guest).

I have a Windows 10 NAS and have never gotten FuseSMB to work. It doesn’t work with a Synology NAS, either.

Unfortunately, trying to get to my NAS is kind of important.

On the other hand, after some update for Windows 10, I can no longer get to it with my macOS or Linux box, either.

Oh, you might want to check the network properties on your Windows 10. I couldn’t get to it even with my other Windows 10 machine and it turned out Microsoft decided to turn the network Private (without asking).

FuseSMB package only supports smbv1 and smbv2. So check what version of SMB is used on your hosts.

That don’t really respond to the question, I try to make Haiku as a SMB server not a guest.

The Windows 10 use SMB1,SM2 and SMB3 (normally) but with the updates of Windows that make conflicting I have see on somes website and this make some troubles for connecting.

Samba on Haiku seem providing a SMB3 server. (well I think) but I can’t access it by Windows 10.

I’m not an expert at either Haiku or Samba, but I can tell you that there are many, many people having problems using Samba with Windows 10, and I’ve never seen a good solution. I’ve found long, complicated sets of instructions about how to modify Windows 10 settings to make it work, but I’ve heard that all those settings are overwritten at the next Windows update, and the changes have to be made all over again. I set up Samba on a Raspberry Pi to serve as a backup file server for our home network, and I can access it from Windows 7 and Ubuntu, but not from Windows 10.


Yes I saw it too. Lot of troubles between Samba and the Windows 10 updates on online topics…Maybe I will try with Windows 7, when I have time to install it.