Concurrent Multi-user Support?

I was wondering if it was possible to add such a feature that allows multiple users to concurrently login and work on the same PC. You could plug-in 2 keyboards, monitors and mice on the same computer. This would allow for and greatly reduce costs spent on computers(provided no one is playing games or anyting). Why have 2/3 desktops at home when others and login and use the same computer at the same time?

Sorry if my question was silly. I’m only in high-school, so I really don’t know much about operating systems, or other facets of programming.

I’m not a developer but I am a junior studying computer engineering… and I don’t think that is a silly idea at all.

I believe Fedora Linux supports this to some degree not sure of the other it would probably get messy and DIY on other Linux distros

I believe it is called arbitration from the drivers perceptive…Also note that once gallium is supported on haiku there isn’t really any reason both users couldn’t be using hardware accelerated graphics at the same time (with one card (harder)or two separate ones(easier))uti

Besides allowing you to share a cheaper computer there is also the possibility of going the other way as well building one expensive computer and whenever is isn’t being shared or one person isn’t adding much load the other person greatly benefits In an academic environment it might even make sense to build a 8Gb+ system with greater than 8 cores (4 way quad core does exist) while such a system would be quite expensive it probably would cost less than 6 mid range desktops from best buy or walmart and the like (they are expensive usually anyway)

In a development house this would also make sense as 4 developers could share a single fast system with fast SSD drives and lots of ram so their compiles go fast (otherwise they are doing mostly web or text type tasks but even if they did multimedia it still makes sence to share)

I believe Axel Dorfler was interested in something like this at some point probably not an R1 feature though I suppose it might just happen sometime along the way. I couldn’t find where this was talked about before… perhaps someone else remembers?

Also don’t forget audio its nice to be able to hear what you are doing :wink:

Edit: I found the post I was thinking of