Computers compatible with Haiku (v2)


Everyone, I have revised and updated the Add Haiku Hardware form with long overdue changes that I hope everyone will find useful.

  • Ratings are cleaner than before, with 4 options: Works very well, Works fairly well, It barely works or Does not work in place of the older ratings.
  • To reflect the new changes to Haiku’s USB, under the startup media options, legacy, 3, and C were put in. This joins the already existing “USB types” question that came after it, and should help make USB types even more visible.
  • Fingerprint reader option removed, (as I don’t think Haiku has fingerprint support yet)
  • Webcam options are now separate and multiple choice.
  • New question asking what Haiku boot options were used.
  • New graphics support question added under GPU. Up to now, it’s known what GPU a machine has, but unless someone voluntarily writes how it’s working in the comments, it might not be in the hardware report. This should help with that.
  • New question asking if Ethernet, Wifi, or both work was added.
  • New question asking if sound works. Like graphics, unless noted in the additional notes, it doesn’t always make it in the hardware report. This should help with this.
  • New question asking if battery support works. More Haiku testers are using mobile devices, (including myself), and having this option hopefully will help anyone on the team maintaining battery and PowerStatus areas.
  • Also related to power, there’s also another new question asking if restarting works (After testing Haiku on my MacBook machines, I’ve discovered this detail can be a thing worth noting).

The new ratings and options will make newer reports look different than the old ones, but it definitely needed to happen. I’m hoping this will make reports even more useful to the team, and if there is anything else anyone can think of adding, let me know!

And just in case anyone’s brand new to the thread, and is wondering where the hardware is listed, here are the usual links to the Haiku Computer List and the haiku-computer-list on GitHub .

Oh, and, here’s a real example of what the new layout will look like…


You can note in there that VirtualBox XHCI support is broken. I just realized this two days ago, and spent about 30 minutes trying to bisect it with no luck. Nobody else seems to have noticed, and as no other regressions have been reported, I am willing to bet this is a bug in VirtualBox. Still… :stuck_out_tongue: