Computers compatible with Haiku (current version)

If lorglas get fix the translation in yab i will start translate it.

I will take a look

Ps: we have a bugtracker to report bugs, give ideas


Sorry it’s taken a while to get the list updated; I’ve been messing around with stuff and finally got around to the list :slight_smile: Thank you kQuote03 for testing your hardware with Haiku!

To view the current hardware list, please see:

To add new hardware:

Method 1: The easiest way is to use the Add Hardware form (beta3.4.24) powered by Google Forms
Method 2 : If you don’t like Google, you can alternatively add your hardware by posting to or replying to this thread (but if you do it this way, please refer to and use the same format the other hardware listings do with the template). The listing will then be posted on the hardware list same as with Method 1
Method 3 : Or… you can also reply to this thread without the template with a useful description of your hardware (for example: “Hi, I have a 2021 Leafbook with a 2.4 GHz Intel i9 9980HK processor, Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU, and 16 GB of 2666MHz DDR4 RAM with Haiku Nightly hrev54988 on it and I started from a USB drive. Works fairly well. Can connect to the Internet including over WiFi. Starts and runs normally, though I get no sound.”)

  • Please do not create edit or pull requests on Google Sheets or GitHub, since these will be ignored
  • For any fixes, questions, or whatever, please post them here and I’ll update the hardware list when I can

Thank you everyone!

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Haiku R1 beta2 running on Microsoft Surface Go, graphics and sound working.


Hi @apgreimann, just want to request an update to this, even though it’s been a while since I last checked these forums…

Update to section “Power Status”: Turned out I was looking at the wrong battery listing in PowerStatus applet, for some reason it reports two battery slots when there’s actually only one, which seems to be common on Intel laptop chipsets… Battery capacity is actually reported properly, so I would like to change this section to “Battery recognized, working properly”.

Update to section “Webcams”: Would like to add the statement that the webcam was a factory option that my machine didn’t ship with, if that’s OK; something like “Webcam not present on this model; was factory optional component”.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry it’s taken days to get to the list, I’ve tried to update everything for everyone; thanks RED-MAIO for testing your machine with Haiku!

@LloydLynx hi, the topic you’d replied to was the old list :slight_smile: so I’m replying on the current thread topic, and anyways – truly really sorry about the bad entry! However it got there, thanks for letting me know! Hope that hasn’t happened more than once, again sorry :flushed: The HP dc7900 at line 68 in the list has been removed, and I’ve taken this entry out on the website as well. I didn’t see a dc5800 there originally, but the new 5800 has been added on GitHub, I’ve credited it as LloydLynx

@BeDifferent-1, I searched the repo and found a ThinkPad W700, so I’m guessing this is the right model? It’s been updated by request on the mobile workstations page and GitHub

New hardware that has been added to the list:


Yes, the ThinkPad W700 was the one I was talking about, thank you sir :slight_smile:

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W700. Great machine. Wish I could afford one!

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Yes, the one I have was a bit of a strain on my financial resources… Cost me $350 US, and that was the cheapest one I found! :stuck_out_tongue: Though the fact is, they are fairly rare because they were extremely expensive when new (I think I read that the base price was something like $4,000). But I admit, I’m getting a bit off the topic of this thread…

Does something like ( exists for haiku?
it’s a program that automatically list all the components in your computer and the upload the list to the website, then you can add a comment to each component indicating if it works or not.


So rn I have the stuff down for Beta3, and I’m hoping to really improve on this project for the next release; I’m hoping everyone likes the new version when it’s ready :smiley: also I’m not the only hardware list, there’s also BeSly hardware database (with its system analysis tool) where you can test stuff with Haiku too


Hey Haikuers thought I’d give a heads up or update so everyone isn’t left going like ‘where the heck’s the list?’ I’m on my phone data for a bit (which is kinda limited bc I usually use wifi for everything but don’t have it rn) so it’ll be a few weeks until I can get back into things like maintaining the list again and the theme I’m working on, for now there’s the BeSly SAT (System Analysis Tool) at BeSly --- Haisly until I can get back to the HCL; thanks everyone


We all appreciate your efforts enormously.

However, I have a suggestion. The last time I looked, the list was divided up into different categories of computer (desktop, laptop, workstation, etc) and the categorisation wasn’t always consistent. I think it would be better to drop the categories completely, and also try to impose consistent naming of computers. All Thinkpads, for example, should be listed under IBM/Lenovo as manufacturer, Thinkpad as range, then T61, X230, etc., as model. At the moment (unless you have changed it) you often have to search in more than one category to find the model you are interested in.



I have Installed the Haiku R1/Beta3 32bits on a old laptop Dell D800

The graphic card is a Geforce 4 4200 Go and I must use the fail safe graphics mode (I think VESA) or I have a black screen at boot of the OS.

The Ethernet card work.
The Wifi card work after have setting up the date and clock and also command. And reboot. It’s a broadcom 43xx, very happy that work.

The sound work too and I think is a SigmaTel C-Major Audio.

It’s better to create a ticket for this bug and attach your syslog after getting a black screen.

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This is done. And I have a working wifi now.


The trouble with the nvidia Driver and the Geforce 4 4200 Go seem solved here.
I have update the bug ticket with the help of rudolfc.

This was the setting file of the nvidia driver to place in a directory and set the “force_pci” line to “true”.

All explanation are here:

I have attached the new setting file in the ticket that’s work with the laptop Dell Latitude D800.


It’s been a really really long time since I’ve given any updates on anything, and seeing a hardware list topic I was finally reminded about it :smiley: and anyways I quit maintaining this HCL, so for anyone seeing this topic in search results, old threads, or whatever, I’m encouraging everyone to use the list from @lelldorin at Hardware List for Haiku

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Does anyone have thinkpad t460 ? How does the nightly haiku work on it ? Im going to buy t460 this Monday but found 3 tickets related with it:

  • List item

Just bought t460 and its excellent - video works through intel extreme driver, sound works, wifi works.


Please add your system with infos on this Site:

So you can help make working Hardware seeable for other users.

thanks lelldorin, added hardware info.

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