Computers compatible with Haiku (current version)


I keep repeating this.

Piling up automatically collected data is useless to the dev team. What we need is people motivated enough to follow up on their reports, test new nightly builds and see if their issues are fixed. This is true in general already, but especially so for hardware related problems, where we often have no other way to test than asking the user to run a test build.

So, if you have problems with your hardware, and you want them fixed, as a user you need to put some effort in too. Not just click a button and forget about it.

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True. But it may be nice for the opposite situation: reporting the hardware that does work under Haiku. That way people can easier find the components that do work when they are in the market for a new rig.


Yes, but for this the website linked in this topic is working fine. It’s one thing less the devs have to care about :slight_smile:

Devs don’t have to get involved. If the OT’s Google doc form is the officially sanctioned way of tracking hardware, we should add a “Report your hardware” Web+ bookmark to the image and see where to link to it from the website.

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I agree that we need some sort of way to contribute to this list (and as @humdinger said we can add a desktop link to the form at

Additionally, maybe we could consider giving this a more permanent home, somewhere on the main site (ideally it would be managed by @apgreimann so the devs would not need to manage yet another thing).

We were actually talking about a hardware compatibility list for Haiku on the Haiku Marketing thread (I’d forgotten about this list) so reviewers and new users can check what hardware works best. I will link this thread in the reviewer’s information sheet for easy reference and I’ll also add it in any future informational materials I produce.

Wouldn’t maintaining links in webpositive and the desktop equate to the same thing? Seems to me that the devs then would have to vet each ressource, and especially define one as official over any other one. What’s wrong with keeping it accesible in the forum like it is now?

A web form like my HaikuSystemAnslysisTool in the past…

…would be a good way.


Der ‘Ansatz’ ist schon sehr gut - empfehlenswert ‘weiter’ zu denken…
aber ich habe (vor einiger Zeit) trotzdem ‘aufgegeben’…

GERMAN language would be helpful to me!
Generally mother tongue of the author + english (if it is not the mother tongue)!

BeSly System Analysis Tool (among others):
I click on the start symbols (individually) and they get a red border (difficult to see depending on the screen display) = selected? Unfortunately, I can’t deselect = the red border remains and is therefore selected?
If so, that (and other things) can easily lead to incorrect ‘results’.

Well hey I don’t have the only hardware page; another one I know of is BeSly with its system analysis tool :slightly_smiling_face: And idk if my page is “officially sanctioned” or not, I’ve just been listing whatever comes into the form now and then as a unofficial community thingamabob. What the heck does OT mean?

Yeah I get what you’re saying — might not be a bad idea to have more than just form output, usually when a new release is out I reorganize stuff, so maybe when Beta 3 is out I could spend a free day looking at the hardware ratings then put something like maybe some stats :bar_chart: on what works the best (like what brand, etc.)

A single place to collect and show HW info would be nice though.

I meant to type OP, “Original Poster”.

Ah okay wasn’t sure if this meant off topic or old timer (which I’m not – although I probably write like one lol) or yet another meaning, and it had me confused :sweat_smile:

I agree with a universal hardware list, but idk, maybe the community should decide what they’d want to use; I don’t want to make my list the ‘default’ for anyone, really, and tbh it’s still a work in progress (but then I get that Haiku is too). When Beta 3 comes out I’ll need to totally overhaul the hardware list – add some stats to make this more of a serious effort (there’s a lot of info, but what runs best with Haiku? What doesn’t?), translate strings, that sort of thing.

I think your list is doing great and is totally fine as the “official” one. We should just link to it from the main website or host a copy/“rendering” of it there (it shouldn’t be too hard, I think the list is provided in json format for that purpose)

A desktop app to browse the listi s not a great idea because the point is having the list for people who want to buy a computer specifically to run Haiku - quite likely they don’t already have one.

As for collecting the data, well, do whatever you want. Please coordinate with apgreimann and don’t start a new list however.


Model: MacBook Pro 13 (2020) - see review notes
Rating: 4/4 - Haiku works with all (or nearly all) components

Cam status: Built-in cameras and/or webcam works

Review notes: Unsure if this is truly a 2020 or if this report is totally accurate. SD card reader mentioned as working here where USB C MBPs generally don’t have one; pen input mentioned and will assume this is referring to a Wacom tablet.

It is very unlikely that the webcam works!

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Yeah I might actually delete this one when I do the Beta 3 sorting as it makes no sense… like the h/w listed in this don’t match that year MBP…

Maybe someone should fix the webcam driver instead? :slight_smile:


yes would be very good to have at least one working webcam driver for a common webcam…

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Well, maybe open crowdsourced user testing suite (aka OPEN-CUTS, used by Ubuntu too) may be more useful.

Model: DisplayNote Montage
Rating: fairly well (some components work, but some do not)
Version: R1/beta2 32-bit
Startup media: Samsung SE-S084F Slim External DVD-Writer, 256GB SSD
Started with: UEFI
Boot options: Normal Boot
CPU: Intel i5 Processor 4 Cores
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
Networking cards: Wireless: idualwifi7260, Ethernet: rtl81xx
USB types: USB 3.0
Memory: 8 GB
CPU manufacturer: Intel
Share on GitHub: Yes
Sound status: Sound works
Networking status: Ethernet works, Wifi does not connect
Graphics status: Graphics work natively/out of the box
Restarting: Works fine
Contributor: Dan Wood
Contribution date: 02/03/2021