Computers compatible with Haiku (current list)


Everyone, I have revised and updated the Add Haiku Hardware form with long overdue changes that I hope everyone will find useful.

  • Ratings are cleaner than before, with 4 options: Works very well, Works fairly well, It barely works or Does not work in place of the older ratings.
  • To reflect the new changes to Haiku’s USB, under the startup media options, legacy, 3, and C were put in. This joins the already existing “USB types” question that came after it, and should help make USB types even more visible.
  • Fingerprint reader option removed, (as I don’t think Haiku has fingerprint support yet)
  • Webcam options are now separate and multiple choice.
  • New question asking what Haiku boot options were used.
  • New graphics support question added under GPU. Up to now, it’s known what GPU a machine has, but unless someone voluntarily writes how it’s working in the comments, it might not be in the hardware report. This should help with that.
  • New question asking if Ethernet, Wifi, or both work was added.
  • New question asking if sound works. Like graphics, unless noted in the additional notes, it doesn’t always make it in the hardware report. This should help with this.
  • New question asking if battery support works. More Haiku testers are using mobile devices, (including myself), and having this option hopefully will help anyone on the team maintaining battery and PowerStatus areas.
  • Also related to power, there’s also another new question asking if restarting works (After testing Haiku on my MacBook machines, I’ve discovered this detail can be a thing worth noting).

The new ratings and options will make newer reports look different than the old ones, but it definitely needed to happen. I’m hoping this will make reports even more useful to the team, and if there is anything else anyone can think of adding, let me know!

And just in case anyone’s brand new to the thread, and is wondering where the hardware is listed, here are the usual links to the Haiku Computer List and the haiku-computer-list on GitHub .

Oh, and, here’s a real example of what the new layout will look like…


You can note in there that VirtualBox XHCI support is broken. I just realized this two days ago, and spent about 30 minutes trying to bisect it with no luck. Nobody else seems to have noticed, and as no other regressions have been reported, I am willing to bet this is a bug in VirtualBox. Still… :stuck_out_tongue:


I only ran out for about two minutes, and I know these are tricky boxen…
MacBook Pro, Mid 2012. Aftermarket ram and ssd.

TLDR wow almost perfect, nightly, no wifi.

Setup: I had a windows installer on USB. I put the nightly anyboot on it with “etcher”. Electron, yes, gross, but it works well.

Plugged my haiku stick in to the laptop. Turned it on, held option key down, got a boot menu. The Mac said it was still the windows disk. Absurd! Everything else correctly identifies it - some kind of caching?

Tried booting with EFI option. Got bored after about 60 seconds, looked like it hung.
Tried again with the … Normal thing…

Booted in seconds, painless install. (Still can’t boot Haiku through EFI atm due to SIM or whatever it is)

Only tested webpositive before turning it off.

  • no wifi
  • connected via Ethernet.

With wired network, storage, display, mouse and keyboard working, I was satisfied, and it was 6am so I went to bed

EDIT: lol I woke that when I’d just woken up. and made some errors. fixed now


Thanks for testing this machine, @sneaky! I’ve went ahead and added it to the Haiku Computer List and the list on GitHub; if you didn’t want this, let me know and I can remove it.


Thank you Gaamda Lurt for your contribution to the list! :slight_smile:

As I always paste whenever new entries are added to this thread, the full hardware list can be found at:

Added to Haiku Computer List under Notebooks.


Good report! Can you log a bug for the wifi?


Thanks kim be for your contribution! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve edited it per the template and added it here into the thread and the Haiku Computer List, and as I am presuming you would like it in the haiku-computer-list repo on GitHub, I’ve added it there as well. Let me know if this is okay or if I need to edit… and again, thanks!

As I always paste whenever new entries are added to this thread, the full hardware list can be found at:

Modern/All-in-One Desktop (i.e. iMac, HP Pavilion AIO)

Added to Haiku Computer List under All-in-Ones .


Great! If I can I would like to write a better report, but I’m not really good. Can you help me with a tests list or some resources? Thanks.


Any tablet works?


Yes, several convertible/tablet PCs are listed under the Mobile page of the Haiku Computer List. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure; any ideas for making the hardware form better, more questions, etc. are definitely welcome! :smile: I’m open to any improvements you have!

The current version of the hardware form is here.


Lenovo z470

Version : Hrev53121 x86_64

What not work : No 3d acceleration, No Webcam support, big overheating, no temperature detection.

CPU: i5-2410M

GPUS: 520m Nvidia, Intel (optimus)

Sound: HDA

Networking hardware: Centrino Wireless-N 1000 (Intel) - RTL810xE PCI Express Fast Ethernet (Realtek)

Network status: Wifi and ethernet works


Thank you @cosmogatokat for your contribution! :smiley:

Since the Lenovo z470 appears to be an IdeaPad, I’ve went ahead and added it inside Notebooks with a hardware rating of ‘works fairly well’. I’ve also shared it to GitHub. If you did not want this, or it’s in the wrong category, or if I need to edit anything in the listing, please feel welcome to let me know. :slight_smile:

Notebooks, (thin, light portables; cloudbooks, ultrabooks, and netbooks)

Laptops (general purpose/larger portables)

And thank you to the contributor of the Aspire E1-571! :slightly_smiling_face: It’s been added in the Laptops page.

And as I always paste whenever new entries are added to this thread, the full hardware list can be found at:


this is not a tablet


What isn’t a tablet and/or convertible PC? The four that were contributed on the page I linked to which has tablets/convertibles in its header are a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, a Surface Go, a HP Spectre x360 (which rotates the screen to become a tablet), and the Dell Latitude 7272 (2 in 1). These last two are convertible notebook/tablet hybrids; in fact, the 7272 detaches just like the Surface to become a usable tablet PC.

While there are models like the Pixel Slate, or the Apple iPad (which is the one that I use) that are slates (‘true’ tablet computers), even they have keyboard capabilities now and can dock/undock this way. It’s the future of where I think slates are headed; notebooks and slates will have to converge.

But, yes, Haiku doesn’t have support for most popular slates yet. It’s pretty much just at 2-in-1 or convertible PCs – which actually isn’t all that bad. But because it would be nice to carry my iPad with me, this is why I’m trying to quietly work on a way to get a shell to run on iOS (my iPad) over a network connection as well as other projects I’m voluntarily working on in the background (like a Linux distribution that runs Haiku in a VM on the Raspberry Pi 3).


Sorry it took a while to update the list, everyone! Thank you Sean for your contribution to the list! :slightly_smiling_face:

Mobile workstations

And as I always paste whenever new entries are added to this thread, the full hardware list can be found at:


My apologies to the Haiku community for not updating the hardware list sooner. Thank you to @TmTFx for your contributions to the Haiku Computer List! :slight_smile:

And as I always paste whenever new entries are added to this thread, the full hardware list can be found at:


Thank you @BHou for your contributions to the list!

And as I always paste whenever new entries are added to this thread, the full hardware list can be found at: