Compile in command line App with *.rsrc file? (gcc way?)


I try to compile an App from an Haiku tutorial, I can do it with the Paladin app but I when I compile it with g++ (in Terminal) I can’t view some pictures in the App.

In the project directory there is a *.rsrc file and after a search online…This file would have the pictures inside it if I understand. But how to compile my app with g++ command and this ressource file?

Thank for reply.

Ok find it…This is xres command
xres -o main resources.rsrc

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If you need to reproduce anything Paladin does, check out the SourceType*.cpp files under Paladin/BuildSystem/ here:

These all contain the command line instructions that Paladin uses. Also you can run Paladin in Debug mode by doing Paladin -d -v from the Terminal - this outputs all the final commands it runs during a build to the command line.