Colors for File Dialogs?

Not finding a set of themes to choose from (are there any?), I went through Preferences/Colors to get things the way I wanted. My eyes are not good, and light text on a black background is best. Also I like a dark layout.

Everything looked fine until I ran LibreOffice and tried to open a file. The file lists were black on black. I confirmed with Kwrite that this is a general situation.

I tried changing everything in Preferences/Colors, but I could never get white on black in the file dialogs.

Did I just miss the right setting, or is there no way to change the black text in file dialogs?


Both of the mentioned programs are Qt based, so it must be some bug in the QtHaikuPlugin and not in Haiku itself. So create a ticket at that project at github:

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Its bad in Haiku also. Webpositive doesnt respect the colors correctly, nor does the tracker. I dont think many Haiku developers uses white on black colors (high contrast).

File a report.

For Tracker, there’s already a ticket: #14469

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Well, in a way I’m glad I had not just failed to do something correctly. But I’m more sad that this is a real problem with no immediate solution.

I returned the colors to the default so I could continue. Maybe I’ll just change the white backgrounds of things to a gray to ease my eyes… at least until the developers get a chance to improve the situation.

I do the same. Mostly because I cannot dim down my notebook’s panel brightness. My Terminal’s amber on black, my “document” and Tracker window background is beige.