[Closed] Dooble browser: SSL error

Pl. see the screen shot…Even Haiku home page is not displayed
Can some body pl. check…

Just thinking of an alternate browser…since otter cannot display Haiku forums…if webpositive is down maybe we can use this

Dooble, when opened and closed, is not shown in ‘recent applications’

Well your screenshot doesn’t show an error. Are you sure your time is correct?

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Hi. Two different topics here:

  1. Apparently, this error appears when you use the default search box that Dooble shows when open a new window or tab (the one that appears in the middle of the empty page). Probably that function have some certificate issues. Try instead load your favourite search engine in the standar address box, or the search function that is in the upper right position (next to the address box).

  2. Indepently from this, both Otter and Dooble browser uses the same render engine. In other words, Otter and Dooble are unable to render the forums. The only way to see the forum, is disabling the JavaScript. However, if you disable JavaScript, you will be able to see, but not be able to login to the forums. So is not a great solution.

As a final suggestion, I guess the best is to stick to WebPositive, that after the recent fix for the dissapearing text and the recent upgrade in webkit, works pretty well.


Thanks for the analysis…appreciated