Clemetine music player download?

Hi, I’ve seen screenshots of the Clemetine player on the, but I can’t seem to find a download link anywhere. Could anyone give me a link?

I’m interested in this as well. Clementine is probably the best open-source music player out there. It seems quite some apps are screenshot-only on that site. Someone else would probably have to compile it. My compiling/coding skills are very limited, so there’s not much I can do about it either now. I think there were screenshots at showing Gambatte running in Haiku too. That’s another app I would love to have.

Yeah, I currently can’t write/compile code, but sometime I hope to eventually port apps for Haiku- I just can’t right now :).

Uhm… I’m mutch more interested in an high quality (read audiophile) audio player such as cPlay, for example:

Some other links:

I also believe that Haiku could become an “audiophile OS” with such kind (bitperfect) of technology…

They do screenshots to show that the program can be compiled for Haiku but there are issues so they do not release it. ie, freezing or crashing, etc.

This also happened with newer VLC.

I also compiled Scribus myself while back but was freezing up on me. These programs would require some code rewrite to get them working properly on Haiku.

It is more to show what Qt applications could become available on Haiku if some developers jumped in and did the fixes to them.

You should ask for better information from to see what they say but fairly sure I am right on this.

I agree with Tones. I did some early Alpha testing of VLC 1.0.4. It compiled but couldn’t run due to a missing POSIX signal. Although I hear this is fixed post Alpha 3. Additional work and testing is required for these Qt apps. Let’s form a Qt SIG.

I have compiled minitube successfully in Haiku…but unfortunately Phonon is not yet integrated in the Haiku’s media_kit and the program was unable to play videos…maybe it’s the case of most qt-based player.