Clean up function

I’m not really sure if this should fall under suggestion or bug report. The desktop clean up function is kind of useless since it just stacks everything on the desktop on top of eachother. My guess is that it is just a placeholder function until adjacent object detection and group ordering can be implemented. If this is the case it might be a better idea to suppress the option until it does something useful. Anyway, I’m glad this project exists as I’ve always been a bit curious about BeOS.

I’d say this a bug… if you want you can fill a ticket on Traker… it’s a pity but haiku’s developers are not lot active in this Forum.

Before you file a bug report… I can’t reproduce on r43238. “Clean up” will snap every icon to its nearest grid point. “Clean up all” (available when holding shift while evoking the context menu) will arrange all icons alphabetically. And finally an “insider” trick: holding ALT while dragging will snap icons to the grid when you drop the file(s).

Or did I misunderstand your issue?


Thank you Humdinger,

these “tricks” are very useful!


p.s: nightly builds are stationary since some days at r43238… When newer nightly?