Checksum for nightly build

For security reason, and to verify integrity of the file downloaded,

it would be great to have md5/sha1/sha256/sha512 checksum for nightly haiku build.

Moreover for official release a gpg sign key should be provided.


I second this suggestion.

Without a checksum (even a simple one like MD5) it is difficult to be sure the download wasn’t corrupted or cut off before it completed.

The idea of an official release a gpg sign key is also excellent, but it can wait until there is an official release, unless someone wants it for alpha 4.

The checksums on the other hand, the sooner, the better.

Definately a good idea - md5 is quick and easy to create.

Good idea. Each nightly image on now has an accompanying sha256-checksum.

It looks like this has been fixed…