Change the default browser

I find the use of Bon Echo (Firefox 2.0) as the default web browser in Haiku a bit inadequated. First, compared to the whole OS performance is “slow-as-hell*”, and also, it’s outdated for matters like CSS and HTML standards support.

I suggest to maintain it in the system, but as an optional web browser. The default browser should be in the Haiku style, fast, and minimalistic. Maybe Epiphany is a good choice, but I don’t know about the dependencies like GTK+ or other Gnome apps.

I don’t know is Webkit-GTK is an option for Haiku, since the dependency tree is quite large.

What do you think?

  • Tested in my computer: A Pentium IV Northwood 2.4GHz, 1.25GB RAM.

A native webkit port is in progress. But for now, you may have a look at NetSurf…