Chance of the new Lenovo IdeaCentre Q180 running Haiku

Saw this slick new Atom based PC introduced today. Looks really sweet design, can have a BlueRay added to it still keeping the small form factor, and could make a bitching HaikuBox.

It is running an Dual 2.13GHz Intel Atom D2700 CPU & AMD Radeon HD 6450A Video.

What are the chances this system will run Haiku?


Internals look OK to me, but from what I can see on she spec sheet the only audio/video output is HDMI and I don’t //think// Haiku supports that yet [open to correction on this point]. The card reader might or might not work: I can read SD cards on one of my Haikuboxen but not on the other.

Best bet: install Haiku to a USB stick, march into a Lenovo store and demand to see if it will boot from the stick.

I don’t see Haiku supporting BlueRay anytime soon, BTW. There’s a hefty license fee attached to it and a pack of rabid Sony lawyers enforcing it.

i will have to look again but i thought vga port was also video out>