cAsE sEnSiTivE lEttERS

There is one thing I have always hated about Unix / Linux
And thats the idea of letting people use case sensitive letters

People that write Info Or Waraes “read me” files, irk me just as bad
As you can see by the subject line of this topic, its the stupidest thing ever done

cAsE sEnSiTivE lEttERS


Case Sensitive Letters

I was just wondering how other people felt about this
If it bugs you as much as it bugs me, Maybe Haiku could do things a little different

I brought this up to Scott Hacker years ago, and he did a pretty good write up on it later
That made allot of sense

Why let people use case sensitive letters, for any reason, or for folders and directories if nothing else. Why not make it so the OS automatically makes the first letter of files, folders, and directories a capitol letter, and all the rest, small letters

This looks so much better, and makes everything a million times easier to read
There is no real reason for letting someone make 2 files, 1 called FILE, and the other called file
Or even worse, letting them make 4 files, with each one having a different capitol letter in it

If the OS simply made every folder and file made by the user, a normal looking and easy to read name. The OS itself would look more mature and respected, and make it easier for everyone to use

While I’m on the subject. Why let people use 64, 128, or 256 character file or folder names ?
When Windows 95 stepped up and played the whole catch up to Linux game
It seems more like they were saying, look, we can do it, rather then giving the people something useful

No one needs a file or folder more then 32 characters long. Any more is a waste, and screws things up
Virus’s took advantage of it to hurt people, Stupid software writers took advantage of it to make their programs stand out, and use a wider menu, etc. Even Windows, made the stupid hidden folder “”“System Volume Information”"" when they could have just made Svi, or SysvolInfo, Sys Vol Info, Volinfo, etc, even “Volume Information” would be less intrusive or less of an eyesore. It just looks stupid standing out there, that long, while all the other folders are shorter

While no one cared for the old 8+3 limit. it still works today, and is pretty easy to deal with, when you find yourself using an old 98 or ME machine
The new limits we have today are insane

Just use any file sharing program out there, and look at the mess you get when people use 100 or more characters to name a file. Even if they simply used 64 characters or less, it would make a big difference, but still include any and all pertinent information

How many people have ever loaded a program, to see that it made a long name on the start menu, a long name that made the menu six inches wide, or a folder name that was five times longer then every other folder name.

Sometimes giving the people what they want, just mucks things up for everyone
More, does not in any way, mean better

A 32 character, file and folder name length, would suit most people just fine, while not giving them room to hang themselves or muck up the system
While a 14 or 18 character limits on start menu items would make everything just plain better

honestly who cares about file name length? I mean it’s their computer, they should be able to make file/folder names as long as they want.