Caps Lock to Escape (solved)

Okay, after going crazy and exporting the keymap and making several different vesions that worked, I found the solution on DuckDuckGo.

It’s not anywhere in the forum and if anybody else is a Vim fan this will help them and… It’s so easy because Haiku rocks!

You open Keyboard Prefs under Preferences and drag the escape key to the Caps Lock key. You can save a custom keymap under File.

Yep… Learned a lot about keymaps in the mean time! lol

Thanks Haiku-OS developers and Haiku just for being amazing!

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First of all, welcome! Secondly, forgive my ignorance, how does this help with vim? I’m not familiar with what you accomplish with this.

Hi, Scott! Thanks for the welcome. Swapping Caps Lock to Escape (or just making them both escape) makes using Vim a lot easier because you don’t have to take you hand off the keyboard every time you escape. It’s totally, addictive, though, so proceed with caution :wink:

You’ll never want to use Vim with just the Escape key again!


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I made a typo I would like to point out: I did not get a keymap that worked. I may see if I can dump the new one and figure out how to make them both Escape keys (my favorite setting). I will post that if I figure it out. The keymap file is a bear because the true key code of Escape I couldn’t find. I managed to change Escape to CapsLock and Escape (alternating) but never the real thing… I’ve had a lot of coffee.

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Okay, I took a look at the new CapsSwapEsc dump file generated by Haiku Settings through keymap -d and I still can’t figure out how to make them both escape. If anybody is interested, that would be cool know.

It’s not in the forum because it’s in the documentation:

But no one ever reads the documentation :sob:

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Thats true. And no one knows the besly knowledge base ;-). Always the same

Well, I hope you don’t mind it being in both. It’s such a common need.