Can't use HaikuDepot

It shows nothing, but there is an option to login. But I can’t remember my password (and I see no option for password recovery). So I tried to create a new account. Yet, it tells me my nickname (I assume that is user name?) is “malformed”, no matter what I do.

What is causing this and why?

I have no sound (even though Haiku says I have HD Audio), so I’m trying to maybe try that OpenSound driver. But if I can’t get HaikuDepot to work… how do I get any other software?

You need an account to comment on packages and give them star ratings, but not to get new software.

We need to figure out whether the problem is in the HaikuDepot app or in the underlying packages system. So let’s see if the latter is working. Open up a Terminal and type the following commands

pkgman update
pkgman install opensound

and let us know what happens. If nothing happens, type

pkgman list-repos

And post the results here.

PS until you get this sorted out, you can download software here:

Did everything you said and, other than updating Haiku to the latest revision and supposedly installing OpenSound, I still only see HD Audio and no OpenSound anywhere. I have not, yet, run the last command you suggested, however.

Change the reposervers to the development ones if opensound is not available