Can't update the haiku source

fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Operation would block

Did someone encounter this?
Can i fix it by editing some git file? or do i have to start a new clone? (i’d rather not if i can help it) .

Was working this morning, I did a

git clone

Maybe you aren’t using the https protocol to get the data? I vaguely remember that the git:// one may be broken.

By the way, to change the protocol git uses to fetch source code, this may work:
git remote set-url origin
I found that in the page

Maybe first see what the url is before changing it, so you can put it back.

Yes, you 're right, git:// seems broken, tried to do a new git clone with it, i got the same error, changed the url now and it works.
Thanks for the info.

What broke git?