Can't install poppler066_x86_devel

If i try to install it i get this:

problem 1: package poppler066_x86_devel-0.66.0-4 requires devel:libjpeg_x86>=62.3.0, 
but none of the providers can be installed
      solution 1:
        - allow deinstallation of jpeg_x86_devel-9c-3
      solution 2:
        - do not install "providing poppler066_x86_devel"
    Please select a solution, skip the problem for now or quit.
    select [1...2/s/q]: q

How can i fix this?


? It seems that there are a conflict between 2 versions of libjpeg devel package.

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Accept solution 1. The libjpeg development files will be removed and the libjpeg_turbo development files can be installed instead if needed.

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That’s what i wanted to know in fact, so it’s safe to choose solution 1.
Thank you both.

There are two versions of libjpeg: libjpeg, written by the JPEG experts group, which contains nonstandard features and has other reasons not to use it, and libjpeg_turbo, which was forked some time ago (and remains source-compatible with the original libjpeg) and is used in all major Linux distributions instead of libjpeg. We used to use libjpeg, but have mostly switched to libjpeg_turbo at this point. Probably some people will have jpeg_devel still around.

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