Can't Install Haiku

Hey guys,

I figured that I would want to install Haiku on one of my computers and in order to make room for a Haiku dual boot with Ubuntu, I had to remove Windows, which was what I was currently dual booting with, to make space on my new Haiku partition. Then, I tried to create a dual boot on my 160 GB hard drive. I booted in Haiku, went to Feather Menu/Applications/Install, created and initialized the Be File System on that partition, and clicked install. The installation went well. I quit Haiku and went back to Ubuntu, which is the operating system on the other side of the drive. Then, I went into the Ubuntu partition editing tool and looked at the new partition. It said that there was only 17 MB of data on that second partition. This is the second time that the Haiku install has gone wrong for me. I really like Haiku but it is getting kind of frustrating because I am unable to get it running on my machine.

Can anyone help me with this? Any help would be appreciated!