Can't get labels back on HaikuDepot

Hi All,

Very new Haiku user here. I seem to have deleted all the info fields in Haiku Depot and can’t get them back. This problem persists upon reboot. I have a screenshot, but I don’t know how to upload it.


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Right mouse on the upper field of the colunmbox and here you can select All Infos you want to Display

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Lelldorin’s suggestion is pervasive throughout the Haiku UI. Any time you’re dealing with attributes in the GUI, this tip is applicable. Try it in Tracker. Especially in folders with media and mail files.

@humdinger Can this be unflagged for removal? This is a good question and deserves to be preserved to help other newcomers in the community.

I figured out how to attach the screenshot.

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No idea who or why this topic was flagged “hidden”. I suppose it was accidental…

It is a legitimate question, of course, and is actually answered in the User Guide:

Like in any Tracker window, you can choose from a context menu which columns to display by right-clicking the column heading. A left-click sorts the list according to that column. Of course, you can rearrange the columns by dragging them to a new position.

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True, as are many of the questions here. It’s good to keep them in both places, as many look to the forums before reading the friendly manual.

Right-click (mouse button 2 if you have your buttons swapped) on that bar above the selected field in your screen shot. You should be presented with options for what you’d like to see in the table.

Yep, questions answered in the user guide are bound to appear here. I just make sure if a question actually is answered there (and if not and it’s worth it, extend the guide), and then link to it. That way, ideally, over time, people will look into the guide themselves first. :slight_smile:

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Ideally yes. However I doubt it will change until the atmosphere of other communities’ documentation changes. BSD folks tend to read the manual first. Other unices (Linux and Mac) and Windows, not so much. It is nice to have options for learning. I love our community for having both nice, friendly documentation and forums.