Can't get installation done

Hi all,

I’ve taken up a recent interest in Haiku, but I’m a complete newb, and I can’t get the build done.

I’ve followed the instructions here:

but when I try to run make I get a series of errors (more than would be reasonable to post all at once).

Is there anything I’m missing that the instructions don’t mention?

Most of the how-to guides have become a bit dated, or need to change with newer versions of linux, etc.

If you give us a pastebin of the errors we can probably identify your problem.

Also a description of your environment, whether it’s 32bit or 64bit, etc.

The tutorial for building Haiku on Ubuntu is still quite relevant. It can be found here. That’s assuming you are using or would be willing to switch to Ubuntu.

I’m currently building Haiku on Ubuntu 9.04 beta (Jaunty Jackalope). The only thing I can think of that’s missing is the YASM requirement. You can get it by running: sudo apt-get install yasm. Then you just need to re-run the ./configure command to update.

Edit Better yet… you should be able to get yasm by simply adding it to the initial sudo apt-get install command.

I got the very same problem, and don’t know how to deal with it,…I’m glad that someone able to answered here, and share information, this might be a big help…thanks!!!