Can't close DeskCalc

Hello. I open DeskCalc - and it’s duped. When i close it, dup panel is not removed, and now i have DeskCalc at my desktop.

I have no idea how close it, it’s not even show in process list. Persist after restart.


This is a “replicant”, a way to embed some applications in the Desktop and elsewhere. Deskbar has a “show replicant handle” menu which makes a tiny handle visible in the bottom right corner of these. From this handle you can access a menu allowing you to remove the replicant.


Or you can just drag it into the trash. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Not very intuitive. After calc start it’s more like bug, that feature. Need some got it popup

This does not happen by default when you start deskcalc, I think you triggered it by accident but normally you have to drag it to the desktop using the same small handle. And the handles are, IIRC, shown by default?

Option ‘show replicant handle’ was disabled (idk disabled by me, or disabled by default).

Next i started calc - and moved left(hold cursor at titlebar and move), and got repicant.

Later, i can’t reproduce this situation :roll_eyes: