Cannot see partition

I think my problem is that my hard drives are on a highpoint raid controller. The drives are not set up as a raid but I’ve noticed other things not being able to see the drives, such as Spinrite, or Everest, or its older version Aida32, when looking for the SMART info. I have a Abit kt7a raid motherboard with a amd athlon 1.3 mhz cpu. The chipset is the Via VT8363a Apollo KT133/a/e the southbridge is the VT82c686b.
Booting with the Haiku alpha1 cd if i use the disable dma from safe mode choices it will boot all the way to installation choices but when i go to install on hard drive none of the hard disks show up. only shows the 2 dvd drives with the cd showing, and an external seagate 500g usb drive.
Is there anyway to get Haiku to see my drives on the highpoint controller?
Also my mouse freezes after a period of time. It is a logitech usb wheel mouse.

Should say Haiku can’t see the hard drives. Anyone have any solutions?