Cannot install stfl_devel

I’m attempting to build the tui rss reader Newsboat on Haiku. Almost all of the dependencies are packaged.

However I cannot seem to install the development files for the stfl library. They are listed in HaikuDepot and PkgMan when I search for them. However every attempt to install them fails with the message:

Failed to find a match for "stfl_devel"

I am not new from building things from source on linux. But I am new to PkgMan and im scratching my head on this one.

I am running a 64bit Nightly installed today.

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There is a problem with the recipe at HaikuPorts. The package isn’t providing stfl_devel. It should be…

	stfl${secondaryArchSuffix}_devel = $portVersion compat >= 0

You should be able to work around it by using…

	pkgman install devel:libstfl

… or also pkgman install pkg:stfl_devel.

Jikes! haikuporter should at least report a policy warning (if not error when build in strict mode)

EDIT fixed in haikuports @trashHeap could you re-check?



YEP all fixed. Thanks.