Cannot Install BeOS 4.5 or 5.0 Professional


I have successfully installed BeOS 5.0 Professional. Unfortunately, I had to erase the whole drive, create a partition for IBM OS/2 Warp. Once I was done with the OS/2 Warp install, I managed to install BeOS 5.0 onto the other partition? It was suspicious that the BeOS installer was not detecting the OS/2 Warp Partition. I ended up creating the Be Boot Menu, but I cannot configure it to show the IBM OS/2 Warp option as well; I can only boot to BeOS 5.0. Whaht should I do? Thanks.


What file system of os2 partition? Try fat.
Or, maybe just, make first primary partition for os2, second for beos. Install beos boot manager.


HFS+, The installer for IBM OS/2 Warp 4.52 did give an option for FAT, but it was not there on the Quick Format option. Maybe it was on the Full Format Option. Thanks.


OS2 partiton aktive? I think for beos boot patition manager file system of partition not matters.


I don’t know about that. Maybe? How can I check that? Thanks.


Boot beos, run drivesetup.


I did, but the only partition that shows up is the BeOS one. I tried scanning etc.


And OS2 boots?
Maybe you deleted OS2 partition?
I sugest you boot beos from cd and remake partitions from drivesetup: first boot aktive partition for os2 and seond for beos. Reboot install os2 and second install beos with beos boot manager.


No, OS/2 cannot boot. It justs boots to BeOS.