Cannot get haiku to boot on my system

Hello All,

I have picked up Haiku with the intention of perhaps helping out with the development somewhere, as having played with it in virtualbox for a while I feel it is extremely well suited to my needs and wishes for a day to day OS. Currently however I cannot get haiku to boot on my system (hardware as below) at all.

I have tried:

R1-Alpha2 ISO -> boots on virtualbox in passthrough mode, but not on hardware

R1-Alpha2 anyboot on usb -> will not boot on hardware

Several recent + Latest Nightly builds for raw usb -> will not boot on hardware

In all cases I believe my system is recognising the boot medium as I often see a row of periods seemingly “counting up” in the top left corner but nothing more happens, but then I get “No signal input” from the monitor and after ~10 seconds the system reboots.

Is there some basic incompatability that I have missed out on and if not is there some way to debug these problems?

I have a working copy of linux which can be used for access to BeFS partitions but I can’t guarantee being able to do any serial console work as I only have the one PC and would have to borrow a friends to do it.

Thanks in advance


AMD Phenom II X6,

Ati Radeon HD 5870 (XFX Branded)

Asus Crosshair IV Formula Motherboard

500GB SataII Drive -> partition earmarked for Haiku + Linux + OS Testing Sandbox

Raid 1 array (Windows 7)

See if you can get into safe mode. While booting keep pressing SPACEBAR or hold down SHIFT key. In safe mode you can try different things to see if Haiku will boot for you.

Some type of debug log is needed to actually fix the issue.

Since you have Linux. Mount Haiku partition in Linux (mount -t befs) and look at common/var/log for syslog. I doubt the OS had a chance to write syslog but if it did that would help lots.

You can also search for similar tickets here:

try searching for row of dots/periods, dots, periods to find similar tickets to yours.