Cannot boot on my system, stops at PCI

Hi all, I just tried to boot on this desktop system, and furthest I could get the boot process:

  • enable all Safe options
  • enable debug output on screen

The boot stops after listing PCI devices.

Here is the photo of the screen and some hardware details:

The hardware has Debian 9 currently installed, so if there’s any more info you need I can use utils there to collect it. That said, I won’t have access to this HW very often, so if anyone is willing to help debug this, I’d be happy to help but I guess you’d also have to be patient.

I’d like to know if I should file a bug or something…

You can try blacklisting drivers but I don’t see anything obvious.

Maybe try blacklisting all but the VESA driver, blacklist all network drivers and sound etc… stuff that isn’t nessecary to boot and see if it gets any further. Usually if it is something like that though it will hang on the driver init etc… and it will be more obvious which one it is.

Also there is no “net icon” do you mean the first one? I suspect Haiku just doesn’t work at all with your chipset… probably because one has tested with recent-ish Xeon hardware?