Can not get USB ports to work

Please can someone give me some direction on how to get USB ports working on a Thinkpad 1834-RVM laptop. Neither my mouse nor USB drive are anyway acknowledged.


What revision of Haiku are you using?
Can you also post the output of

~ listusb


Do you have any USB related configuration in the BIOS? Like “USB Legacy” or something like that… It’s not sure, but maybe changing that settings the USB ports will work.

I hate to go over the obvious, but it can be easy to overlook: did the usb ports work under a different operating system like Windows? I once had a computer with a messed up motherboard, and could never get the usb ports to work properly under any operating system, Windows or not. Well, actually, I’ve still got that computer. I just don’t use it every day. :wink:

On the BIOS front, I think some thinkpads let you enable/disable diffirent USB ports. So yes, check ALL your BIOS settings.

Second, if this is a used computer, get a flashlight and look inside all the USB ports. I don’t know how they do (well, I can guess how) but at the repair shop that I work at we find the plastic finger inside the port has often been broken and the now free standing contacts/wires sometimes are touching each other. If the power line get grounded the unit will not boot, but if the data/clock lines are in contact the USB controller has problems setting up.

You may have one bad port and still a good port available once you move the contacts so the don’t contact. And that is not a pun.