Can I create Haiku GUI app with Qt creator?

Latest nightly (beta 4).

I want to experiment for a personal project needing Sqlite and simple GUI.

Installed Qt Creator from depot and seems based on version 6. But I also see Qt version 5 installed on my system (maybe from the past?).

In any case, trying to create a very simple “Hello World” kind of project seems to have problem finding an appropriate “desktop” kit.

Any idea/guidelines on what is possible and what should I expect? Maybe I need to install more things from depot, or configure Qt Creator somehow?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Native Haiku doesn’t need Qt. Qt is an add-on. Qt creator creates Qt apps. Qt creator doesn’t create apps using the native Haiku GUI.

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I am aware of that but I wonder if I can create any simple GUI app with Qt Creator. In the end I want to use Qt’s database facilities. That’s why I am focusing in it and not asking about Haiku native development.

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Would be fine to get some tutorials about QT on Haiku for developers.

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You should ask @Zenja, he is the guy who wrote his native app medo? using Qt creator.

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@Zenja has personal stuff going on and can’t get back to hobby coding right now. (Though he did manage to get on Telegram to tell us so.)

Hi - I wrote HiQDock in Qt but a long time ago - in Qt 4 (without using Qt Creator). I think (but I’m not sure that) you could create your files with Creator and then compile from the command line (assuming the project file is good)

> qmake
> make

Good luck!

Then you will not be writing a native app, everyone installing your app will need Qt as a dependency.

Anyway, yes, you can write your GUI code in C++ in Qt Creator if you want to. However you cannot use the GUI designer which is only for Qt applications. So, you will just be using Qt creator as a code editor.

Thank you all for your answers! I have a good idea now of what is possible and what not with Qt Creator. Will think about it.

does qt creator support host os gui facilities on other operating systems ??? ie can you build a windows app on windows with the windows native tool kits ? if so, sounds like a good time to write a plugin for haiku

No, it’s a gui creator for … qt
What you are looking for is visual studio

i didn’t think QT supported that. the ALE program is still in haiku depot isn’t it ??? that does live layout building iirc, don’t know how long it’s been since it was updated etc etc etc