Can i choose a limited use of my memory ram by Haiku?

Sorry for my english …
I have “bad sectors” in my memory ram … and in linux i can choose the usage of a specific amount of ram by the system in the boot process …
Can i make this limited use of memory ram by Haiku?

(in my grub i have for linux this option: mem=449M …)

Thanks, i put a enhancement ticket like you say …

I don’t think there’s yet a way to tell Haiku to use less memory at boot.

You might put that in as an enhancement ticket though here:

I would possibly even request something more advanced - like the ability to configure a blacklist of memory areas. I know some machines come with soldered RAM and an optional expansion slot for more RAM - sometimes the soldered RAM goes bad, leaving the user with few options.

On the other hand, this is a pretty specialized request that will probably be extremely low priority.