Can Haiku boot from external USB CD drive?

can Haiku boot from a external USB CD drive? Might get a small footprint i86 computer that has no internal CD but does have USB ports and wondered if I could boot from live Haiku CD to install it? Tj

I think it should be capable. I haven’t ried it but it should work if the bios supports USB booting and the install sets the drive up correctly.

I would think it wouldn’t be horrifically difficult. Might be easier to install from a cdrom drive to the hard drive to get it working, but theres no reason it shouldn’t work" thats just my take on it. Haiku boots on usb thumbdrives just far as the bios is concerned that drive is a usb thumb flash drive. Make sure the drive supports booting in its specs.

If your computer supports booting from a USB-CD, I can’t see why it would not work.

When I want to install Haiku on a computer without CD, I use Win32DiskImager [1] to write an image to a USB-drive. I usually download the latest nightly [2]. Unzip the file and select the image file in Win32DiskImager, then plug the USB-drive into your computer and boot from it. Make sure that you have it set up to boot from USB.


I can confirm that HAIKU Alpha2 does boot my Eee with a Samsung USB drive.
The live desktop of course, is accessing the CD all the time, but it obviously is working fine.
All hardware seems to be recognized correctly, memory usage is very small.
A good occasion to have a first glance at HAIKU, but I still would prefer Virtual Box for playing a bit with HAIKU.