Can classes for GUI creation be externalized to other programming languages?

The pages linked from that pages weren’t loading for me, so I don’t know if Quickly has anything more going for it than “opinionated”.

The rationale they present doesn’t seem to apply to Haiku - hard to learn because there are too many choices and too much to read? Not Haiku. It’s always interesting to think about where there’s room for improvement, but really, if you’re going to write a good application, the BeOS/Haiku API isn’t where the hard part is.

I do think that the API is the difficult part. The documentation is too fragmented. The only solution is for the core developers to sit together around a big table, and say “let’s sort out all the documentation, from start to finish”. A unified Haiku Book would be the solution. I know that creating documentation is not the most fun part. As long as we don’t have that unified documentation, Haiku will not be able to make significant progress.

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How could this solve the OP problem?
Here we are discussing the availability of the API for languages that do not offer a seamless integration with the C++ ABI.


It would solve a lot of problems.

One of my problems in creating native applications is C++: it may be easy to learn, but it is very difficult to master.

This raises two possibilities: the first is that better documentation would make it easier for new developers to create native applications, the second is that API integration for other programming languages would make it easier for new programmers to create native applications in their favorite language, even if the documentation is still fragmented.