Call for Haiku Inc. and Haiku community. RISC-V port

Great news! Thanks to you and Haiku, Inc. and Haiku Community!


Thank you @leavengood for making this happen. I can only speak for myself, but this is what I want to see happen to my donated funds.

While you are at it, also ask @X512 if he would be willing to take on a full time contract working for a full market salary. The work that he is doing is nothing but amazing. To me it seems like every time @X512 pokes around in the Haiku codebase, he uncovers and fixes bugs all throughout the system that has gone unnoticed for a long time. I would love to see a contract for WebPositive (which I see as the last big obstacle to fix in order to release R1), an ARM port or just the assignment of doing whatever it takes to make Haiku R1 ready. In either case, I know @X512 will do an excellent job benefiting Haiku. I am also certain that the community will help out by donating the funds needed in order to keep him employed for a long time, probably years.


That would be difficult because I have job in Japan and I will be likely more busy in next months. Haiku Inc. unlikely have Japan branch that can offer a contract with stay permit. I also don’t want to move to another country.


I wonder if it is true that Tesla (auto) uses RiscV in its automotive electronics?

I think the offer should be made anyway. Your situation could change in the future.

A part time contract could also be an option I guess?

@X512 Greetings from Shinjuku-ku!

I currently live in Japan, Kansai area.

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Thanks a lot @leavengood and the Inc for quick reaction to the situation.
I think is very important and very appreciated!


i believe i have a spare radeon 5450 pcie card laying around, if it’s useful I can throw it in the post to wherever

There should be an official news item on the website about this, don’t you think?


I had that thought as well, I will draft something up.


I have posted the news item: Haiku, Inc. sponsoring hardware purchases for RISC-V port | Haiku Project


Board delivered just now. But some other parts ordered at Amazon (case, power supply, graphics card, NVMe disk) are not yet.


Topic about development on RISC-V board including photos: My progress on real RISC-V hardware.


I know writing code and testing it takes time. And that is ok.

Have there been any noteworthy news in the last ~22 days
since the last reply here in this thread? Just curious.

Umm . . . a whole lot! If you click the link in the post just above yours (this one), you’ll see that Haiku is now booting on the HiFive Unmatched board, and quite a lot is now working. You can scroll through and see the whole process of X512 getting it running on real hardware.


Hi everyone!
New (old fan) member. I was chatting yesterday at youtube amigawave program and we were talking about “wishes for 2022”. Mine was this… RiscV and Haiku!
So, there’s a recommended amount to tip? I want to contribute…

Any amount you wish.

Nice! Thanks and happy new 2022!