C++ Template Projects required please!

Hello all,

I’ve been busy cataloguing bugs and enhancements for the Paladin Development IDE. I was wondering if I could ask Haiku OS and App developers to provide simple template projects that compile that I can rework and include in the IDE?

Currently these work:-

  • Haiku GUI Window Project
  • Haiku GUI Window and Menu Project
  • Haiku Tracker extension

There are some template project entries which are selectable, but empty now, that I could do with samples for please, if anyone can write a quick example for me?:-

  • Haiku Kernel Driver
  • Static library project
  • Shared library project

If there are any other project templates you want and hate copy/pasting and reworking each time you write them, please feel free to contribute those too!

It should also be noted that Paladin allows extensions for different file types, so we’re not necessarily limited to C++ only projects, if anyone wants templates for other languages that are built with Make, feel free to contribute.

Thanks in advance!


Afaik Paladin is deprecated.

Not so. In active development.

Run a shell Script or program with a c binarie:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
return 0;

Not checking the script’s return value? Tsk tsk. ;o)

I was hoping for something a bit more useful for people!

It is very useful for me, because i have no expierience with c or cpp, but this c bin start up my yab programs :slight_smile:

Not all templates need to be big and Highlights

Hey and it is not ‘hello world’ :slight_smile:

True! Anything but Hello World.

What would you call your template? “System Script Launcher”?

Extern file starter?

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You could have templates for screensavers, and possibly deskbar replicants and other kind of add-ons.