Buy Be Box Dual


i try to find another Be Box Dual, full working.

shipping to france.


You have one already, don’t Be greedy!
Still having problems with the one you have?

Yes. some problems : cannot boot, no display.

i will try some fix

Did you try removing some of the SIMM?
Do you have another computer to test those in?

Also, there’s a cr2032 battery in, is it still good?
What revision is the motherboard, and what graphics card is installed?


i will change battery and simms next week. and tests.

GPU : 9 axe 64 pro
motherboard : Passy 830 0000 08

maybe have you photos for :

  • jumper configuration hard drive and cd drive
  • ribbon connexion

with it, i will check all drives and ribbon

I wondered the other day if the BeBox uses POST codes at all, probably not. Else a POST ISA card would have helped maybe.

Probably more like a unix box… you could monitor one of the serial ports for output from the firmware and kernel. It would be hard to imagine such a machine not having any debug output…

Yes you get serial debug on one of the ports, just the speed is unusual IIRC (19200?).

19200… is a normal speed??? The only thing I’d suspect before that is 9600, and that becomes less common as it’s pretty slow.


According to that on the BeBox it is the 4th serial port, at 19200, no parity and 1 stop bit and no flow control. So… fairly standard.