Buy 2 Get 1 OLPC Laptops And Haiku

OLPC (One Laptop Per Child Project) had announced G1G1 (“Buy Two Get One”) for public. One laptop is sent to buyer and the other laptop is sent to a child in a poor developing country.

Is this 500 MHz AMD Geode laptop compatible with Haiku?
Is there any Haiku device driver for OLPC laptops?
Thank you.

From OLPC developer team:

  1. There is no BIOS inside XO.
  2. There is no VGA/EGA/CGA mode.

What about creating 2 version of XO laptops:

  1. For developing countries, the same as today.
  2. Commercial version for US, Europe, Japanese markets with larger screen and keyboard, but the same motherboard, CPU and chipsets.

If Haiku can be ported to this new platform:
The customer of commercial version can ask for a bundle of HAIKU for XO with CD full of various BeOS applications from BeBits.

Is this idea possible?
Thank you.