Burn a cd or dvd with haiku PM

Thank you for haiku PM.
I want to know how to burn a cd or dvd with haiku PM without using Linux so to update the distribution haiku PM when there is no possibility of achieving this task haikudepot because it probably will happen one day.
I found an article on cdrecord but I have not very well understood.
Thank you.

The cdrecord command is not very difficult. I have had success using it on Haiku with a command line similar to the following;

cdrecord -v -eject -da0 -data xyz.iso

This command - of course - was made after creating the iso with something like:

mkisofs -r -o ./xyz.iso xyz-directory

The required syntax may be slightly different for your particular hardware configuration.


WILL this let us burn DVD’s and CD’s like we can in any modern OS. I want to move some images to my main Haiku install?