Building on FreeBSD

I went to install the prerequisites for building on FreeBSD. I found that u-boot, as directed in the Haiku docs is not available. Has this changed to uboot-mkimage?

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u-boot is for ARM development (see pacman or APT). You probably don’t need it.

This was ambiguous under the BSD heading. It’s just included in the list and not specified as ARM centric.

I’m reworking the file to reflect updates to FreeBSD regarding building Haiku. FreeBSD has removed gcc, binutils and gmake from the default install. Our docs don’t reflect this or the above u-boot question for FreeBSD. Someone wanting one-liners for FreeBSD is not going to read docs for Linux pacman/apt. I’ve also ran into some other issues building in FreeBSD 12.

Help keeping the FreeBSD instructions up to date is welcome. I think none of the currently active devs are using it, so the documentation of course gets out of date.