Building Haiku with more aggressive C(XX)FLAGS

ATM Haiku is built with a single simple -O optimize flag. Did somebody already give it a try to build with more aggressive C(XX)FLAGS like “-march=athlon-xp -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer” or to be more generic, “-march=i686 -O2 -mmmx -fomit-frame-pointer”? Are there stability problems expected with more optimization than -O?

Otherwise, can somebody tell me in which configuration files are these flags to set? Setting HAIKU_C(XX)FLAGS and co. does not seem to work here and a simple grep did not help too much to find the flags.

Thanks in advance!


I think you’d have a better chance of getting an answer to your question on the mailing list, since (I think) most of the Haiku devs (especially Ingo Weinhold, who presumably is most familiar with the build system currently) don’t post on the forums regularly.

Haiku Mailing List

Aggressive optimizations make it harder to track down problems when stuff crashes, so at this point in the game, they are counter productive. I am sure that when we get closer to a release, the optimizations will be turned up a bit and there should be some info on building with aggressive optimization.

On the other hand: aggresive optimization helps finding a lot of bugs you wont find otherwise. (But it shouldn’t be default)