Bugs ;)

Oops…I originally sent this to Michael. I forgot there are fancy new teams for everything now…and people with logins. :slight_smile:


I know you’re busy, but when you get a mo’:

  1. On the front login page of BUGS, there’s an “it’s” instead of “its”.
  2. DiskProbe is the only product listed, and there’s no way to suggest/add new ones.
  3. Clicking on “What’s this?” brings up a 404.
    3b) The 404 says to contact the webmaster, who’s listed as being at osbos.net.

On the plus side, I love all the features I see. I can’t wait until there’s some content so we can use them. :slight_smile: (I thought the salivating was over, but no! :wink: ) If you need help with the simple stuff, like adding all the products and stuff, just gimme a login and some directions and I’ll go to it.



When I went to edit my computer in BUGS, it didn’t display what I had in there before–there’s only an update button.

hm, I haven’t messed with it much. I’ll have to go play with it and see if I can break it.

Well, if it’s anything like here, you can add a computer fine (way cool!) but when you go to edit it (my account->my computers->edit|delete), it says:

‘Check that all data are correct, and then click the “Update computer”-button.’

But there’re no data above it to check–that message is all there is.

When registering an account at the page


clicking on one of the three “Why do you need this?” links tries to open


in a popup window. However, a 404 is returned instead.

yeh Kev … I noticed the same thing with the COMPUTERS. I put basic details in there and I tried to update it last night.

Might want to look into it in all your spare time kurt :wink:

lol what spare time?
i spend it all reading forum posts =P

why when me soon in the forum and I go to see mine profile I have that login again?
this is one Bug!?

Paulo, what web browser are you using? (internet explorer, mozilla, net positive)?

You may need to enable cookies, or if the browser is really old, it might not fully support sessions, which are used to make sure you are logged in.

now work’s! thx to support
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: